It’s not good for environment, and what else?


We don’t drink beet with straw!

But the history of straw begins with beer.

Suddenly one day, I realized I haven’t heard the name Barbara since when I was a little child and watching American series.

Pexels — cottonbro

What is Barbara?

Barbara name is coming from Greek word barbaros, which means strange or foreign. Barbarian term is…

Which Spotify actions pushed me to Apple Music and why am I happy so much?

Oldies but Goldies

Pexels — Budgeron Bach

Experiments on Own Child or Not

1 . What is experiment and why do we need it?

I first…

Little, Tiny Touches to Life

How can you get rid of HEIC format in iPhone?

What is HEIC?

Günümüz politikasına farklı bir bakış

and how it is easy to do

Printed media still rocks! Monocle is the king!

Important to get reviewed when you develop Apple Mobile Application

An example of review button, from motiv app

Baris Nurlu

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